Managed Marketing Stack

(SaaS) Management

Have a ton of SaaS subscriptions? You bought the service so you can be more productive right? The only problem is it takes hours to set them up and manage them.
Not anymore. We can setup your SaaS products and have them ready for you to use in no time. No set-up required. Now you can focus on what you do best!

Introducing KIHBBA

We now offer in partnership with KIHBBA Software-as-a-Service management solutions.

Kihhba (pronounced KEY-BAH) puts “as a service” back into Software as a Service with our cost-effective annual membership plans.

Kihbba partners with over 350 different S.a.a.S. tools in order to help our 1,600+ SMB, startup, and scale-up, members select, setup, integrate, optimize and maintain their best software to streamline and optimize their workflows.

Kihbba members enjoy the confidence and security that their software is covered with unlimited support on all S.a.a.S. tools. 


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